Griddle Gas Thermostat

AngeloPo, Fagor, Modular gas thermostat type 630 Eurosit series 0630345, 0085Ap0012

type 630 Eurosit series temperature max. 340 °C temperature range 100-340 °C gas inlet 3/8" gas outlet 3/8" thermocouple connection M9x1 pilot connection M10x1 probe diameter 4 mm probe length 72 mm capillary pipe length 1050 mm pressure regulator 13-18 mbar ambient temperature max. 0-120 °C
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Gas thermostat PEL type 24ST 55-110°CC gas

Technical Details gas thermostat: shaft flat upper , shaft length  27/17 mm, shaft diameter 10x8 mm, probe length  160 mm, probe diameter  6 mm, capillary pipe length  1200 mm, pilot burner connection  M10x1, thermocouple connection  M9x1, gas outlet  M20x1,5 (tube ø 12/10mm), bypass nozzle ø     0,35 mm, gas inlet  M20x1,5 (tube ø 12mm), temperature...
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Gas thermostat PEL 120-320°C

Gas thermostat PEL type 24ST 120-320°C gas inlet M20x1.5 (tube ø 12mm). Suitable for the following brands Ambach, Bartscher, Electrolux, GIGA, Ilsa, Offcar, Olis, Rosinox, Silko, Star10
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