Fry Top

OZTIRYAKILER fry top heating element 1500W

power 1500 W voltage 230 V length 430 mm tube diameter 8,5 mm heating circuits 1 height 65 mm width 100 mm
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€34.91 VAT 0% excl.

Fagor, Kuppersbusch, Roller-Grill, Lotus, Repagas, Jemi convection oven, fry topThermostat EGO 55.13069.500 t.max. 320°C

Thermostat EGO 55.13069.500 t.max. 320°C,temperature range 50-320°C 1-pole 1NO 16A probe¸ 3mm probe L 160mm. Suitable for the following brands Amatis, Ascobloc, Bartscher, Chergui, Cooking-Systems, Corsair, EGO, EKU, Electrolux, Falcon, Foem, Hendi, Jemi, Juno, Küppersbusch, Lotus, Mareno, MKN, Palux, Roller-Grill, RSI, Star10, Therma, Wiesheu-Wiwa
€17.16 VAT 0% incl.
€17.16 VAT 0% excl.

ZANUSSI, ELECTROLUX fry top heating element 2500W

power 2500 W voltage 400 V heating circuits 1 length 567 mm width 90 mm height 91 mm tube diameter 9 mm connection M5 connection length 24 mm connection distance 81 mm application dry heating element
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€58.67 VAT 0% excl.

PALUX gas tap alternatives to EGA type GPEL21R

producer alternatives to EGA type GPEL21R gas inlet M15x1 (tube ø 10mm) bypass nozzle ø 0,35 mm gas outlet M17x1 (tube ø 10mm) thermocouple connection M8x1 pilot connection M10x1 shaft diameter 6x4.6 mm shaft length 22/15 mm shaft flat lower
€126.45 VAT 0% incl.
€126.45 VAT 0% excl.

Giorik thermostat EGO 5534062819 thermostat t.max. 320°C

producer EGO series 55.34_ temperature max. 320 °C operating temperature range 55-320 °C number of poles 3 -pole function 3NO switching capacity 10 A probe diameter 4 mm probe length 128 mm capillary pipe length 900 mm capillary pipe length insulated - mm gland nut - shaft diameter ø6x4.6 mm shaft length 23 mm shaft position upper rotation angle 270 °
€100.27 VAT 0% incl.
€100.27 VAT 0% excl.
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