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Rovio Collection SRL is supplier for spare parts and accessories for professional kitchens, restaurants, bars, confectioneries, pizzerias, catering companies and fast-foods. We sell spare parts for cooking equipment, refrigeration and freezing equipment, stoves, bakery equipment and industrial laundries. For a good functioning of cooking and curing equipment, we are offering you original spare parts. We do not sell spare parts for Chinese and Turkish equipment.

Equipment for restaurants – spare parts and accessories for professional kitchens

For refrigerators and freezers – we distribute compressors, ventilators, temperature probes, defrosting elements, door gaskets, shelves, cleaning and disinfecting solutions.
For stoves, ovens, grills, fryers, Bain marries, we put on your disposal all the spare parts necessary for their proper functioning: heating elements, thermostats, gas valves, gas taps, drain taps, ignitions, nozzles, burners, fryer baskets, fan motors, temperature probes.
For dishwashing machines – we offer pumps, dosing pumps, heating elements, thermostats, nozzles and other mechanical spare parts for a proper functioning For food processing equipment such as: slicers, mincing machines, potato peelers, dough mixers, we offer you slicing blades, knifes and grinder plates, motors, belts, abrasive elements etc.
The entire range of spare parts mentioned above is on our permanent stock, with guaranteed origin.
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