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According to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council, dated 27.04.2016 regarding physical persons’ protection related to the personal data processing and the free circulation of those data, SC ROVIO COLECTION SRL will process personal data as follows:

Processed personal data: Name, surname, identification card’ series and number, position, phone number, e-mail address.

Processing purpose: The data of the persons appointed to make orders, to pick up the products and their afferent documents will be exclusively used for verifying the persons’ identity. The information regarding the legal representative will be exclusively used for checking – according the law – his quality as company’s representative.

When the company is registering, storing, using or processing personal data, in any manner, it’s respecting an adequate level of data protection and it’s taking all necessary measures in order to assure their confidentiality.

To assure the personal data protection represents one of the main responsibilities of

SC Rovio Colection SRL within its activity. In order to fulfill this purpose, the company administrates in safe conditions and only for the mentioned objectives, the personal data provided by the targeted persons, having as endpoint a proper commercial relation between companies.

SC Rovio Colection SRL makes sure that its employees are properly instructed so that all principles related to the personal data processing are respected.

SC Rovio Colection SRL obliges itself to collect and to process only personal data necessary and proportionally for fulfilling its legal obligations and for a good development of its activity.

SC Rovio Colection SRL guarantees that the access to the personal data is allowed only to its employees within the limits settled through their job description in order to fulfill their responsibilities. The company does not reveal any personal data to any other third parties.

The personal data are stored on SC Rovio Colection SRL servers and are managed through an informatics system which assures an adequate security level.

According to the new regulations regarding the personal data protection, if we process such data, the persons involved have the following rights:

THE ACCESS RIGHT, stipulated by art. 15 from GDPR, on which basis, the confirmation or invalidation for personal data processing may be solicited free of charge. Also, a copy of the processed data may be solicited. The requests must include relevant information in order to be able to identify the respective persons in our data base. The request will be solved within 30 days.

THE RECTIFICATION RIGHT, stipulated by art. 16 from GDPR, which may be exercised by staking out a claim regarding the data modification, if it turns out that those data are incomplete or inexact.

THE CONTAINMENT RIGHT, stipulated by art. 18 from GDPR, which may be exercised when the accuracy of data is contested, when their processing is illegal or when the opposition of delaying the data interferes. As result of exercising this right, some other processing operations might be possible only by accord, excepting the cases express stipulated by law.

THE TRANSFER RIGHT, stipulated by art. 20 from GDPR, which may be exercised only in the cases when the processing is based on the person’s consent and only if the data are processed through automatic means. If the conditions are fulfilled, a solicitation for data transferring may be sent to another operator.

THE RIGHT TO DISAGREE WITH DATA PROCESSING for marketing purpose – stipulated by art. 21 from GDPR – may be exercised in any moment, and the company guarantees that the data will no longer be processed with this purpose. Although, there is a possibility that for registering and solving such a request to be necessary a reasonable time period (72 hours) when it’s possible to still receive marketing information.

THE RIGHT TO DELETE THE PERSONAL DATA, stipulated by art. 17 from GDPR, represents the correlative obligation of the subscribed to delete those information. This right is not an absolutely one, having applicability only in certain situations expressed stipulated by law. When a claim for deleting the data is staked, it has to be taken into consideration that the deleting may be a complex and lasting process.

If there are any complaints regarding the claims resolution, any interested person may address to The National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing.

For any other queries regarding the usage of our websites:, and personal data processing, you may call the following phone number: 021.311.02.59

In order to exercise any right recognized by law, any interested person may send to SC Rovio Collection SRL a written solicitation, using the following e-mail address:, having as subject “personal information request” or he may send it by post to the following address: 28 Despot Vodă street, 2nd district, Bucharest.

The personal data processed by SC Rovio Collection SRL cannot be transferred to other persons from outside EU.

The term of storing personal data is settled according to the processing base and its purpose. On the expiration of those terms, all data which may allow the persons’ identification will be deleted, and the ones which may be use helpful for statistics, will be stored.

Any person may address questions or solicitations regarding his personal data, or claims regarding the collection and the usage of his personal data, by sending a written request to the following contact data:

Address: 28 Despot Voda street, 2nd district, Bucharest


If the claims, requests or any other solicitations cannot be amiably solved with SC Rovio Collection SRL, those ones may be sent to:

The National Supervisory Authority For Personal Data Processing headquartered in 28-30 Ghe. Magheru Blvd., 1st district, postal code 010336, Bucharest


Phone/Fax: +40.318.059.211/+40.318.059.212

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