Electrolux, Zanussi lambda sensor probe  0C6465
Electrolux, Zanussi lambda sensor probe  0C6465

Electrolux, Zanussi lambda sensor probe 0C6465

Zanussi / Electrolux
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probe diameter12 mm
number of poles5 -pole
probe length50 mm


This probe is mounted on Zanussi ovens, the following models: FCZ061EAA, FCZ061EAH, FCZ061EAN, FCZ061EBA, FCZ061EBA2, FCZ061EBC, FCZ061EBH, FCZ061EBH2..., FCZ061EBN, FCZ061ETA, FCZ061ETH, FCZ061ETN, FCZ061GAD, FCZ061GAG, FCZ101EAA, FCZ101EAH, FCZ101EAN, FCZ101EBA, FCZ101EBA2, FCZ101EBC, FCZ101EBH, FCZ101EBN, FCZ101ETA, FCZ101ETH, FCZ101ETN, FCZ101GAD, FCZ101GAG, FCZ101GTD, FCZ101GTG, FCZ102EAA, FCZ102EBA, FCZ102EBA2, FCZ102ETA, FCZ102GAD, FCZ102GAG, FCZ102GTD, FCZ102GTG, FCZ201EAA, FCZ201EAH, FCZ201EAN, FCZ201EBC, FCZ201GAD, FCZ201GAG, FCZ201GTD, FCZ201GTG, FCZ202EAA, FCZ202GAD, FCZ202GAG, FCZ202GTD, FCZ202GTG, AOS061EB, AOS101EA, AOS101EB, AOS201EA, AOS201EB, AOS061EA3J, AOS061EB3J, AOS101EA3J, AOS101EB3J, AOS201EA3J, AOS201EB3J, AOS061EA2N (260462), AOS061EB2N (260463), AOS101EA2N (260464), AOS101EB2N (260465), AOS201EA2N (260466), AOS201EB2N (260467), AOS102EA2N (260500), AOS102EB2N (260501), AOS202EA2N (260502), AOS202EB2N (260503), AOS061EA0H (260510), AOS061EB0H (260511), AOS101EA0H (260512), AOS101EB0H (260513), AOS201EA0H (260514), AOS201EB0H (260515), AOS102EA (260516), AOS102EB (260517), AOS202EA (260518), AOS202EB (260519), AOS061GADL (260520), AOS061GBDL (260521), AOS101GADL (260522), AOS101GBDL (260523), AOS102GBDL (260529)

Producers OEM codes: 

ELECTROLUX-006995, 0C6465, 6995

ZANUSSI-006995, 0C6465

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