Drain valve MDB-O-3RA
Drain valve MDB-O-3RA

Drain valve MDB-O-3RA

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voltage230 V
inlet76 mm
outlet78 mm
frequency50/60 Hz
applicationfor washing machine


The drain valve MDB-O-3RA, P/N 33128612 is used for GRANDIMPIANTI, EPMS, FAGOR, POLIMATIC, PRIMUS and WHIRPOOL washing machines.

OEM codes:

EPMS - 751024

Fagor – 340055051

Grandimpianti - 4PR340050051, GR50-340050051

Polimatic - PRI340055051

Primus - 101014

Whirlpool – 751024, 771985008827

Models and producers used for:

GRANDIMPIANTI- WF11, WF11G4, WF18, WF18G4, WF22G4, WF8, WF8G4, WFM11, WFM18, WFM22, WFM33, WFM40, WFM55, WFM8, WR11, WR18, WR24, WR37, WR8, WRM11, WRM18, WRM24, WRM37, WRM8

PRIMUS - F10, F16, F22, F6, F7, FS10, FS11, FS13, FS14, FS16, FS18, FS22, FS22PRO, FS23, FS23PRO, FS24, FS28, FS33, FS40, FS55, FS6, FS7, FS8, FX105, FX135, FX180, FX240, FX280, FX65, FX80, FXB180, FXB240, MB16, MB26, MB33, MB44, MB66, R16, R22, RS10, RS13, RS16, RS18, RS22, RS27, RS35, RS6, RS7, RX105, RX135, RX180, RX240, RX280, RX80, X22, X35, X43, XS22, XS35, XS43

POLIMATIC - FS10, FS23, FS23PRO, FS33, FS40, FS55, FS6, FS7, RS10, RS13, RS18, RS22, RS27, RS35, RS6, RS7, XS22

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