DANFOSS  ACB-2UB62 pressure control
DANFOSS  ACB-2UB62 pressure control

DANFOSS ACB-2UB62 pressure control

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DANFOSS ACB-2UB62 pressure control. This pressure control is used for ITV and FAGOR ice machines. Models and producers used for: ITV- DELTA-DP, GALA DP 140, GALA DP 20, GALA DP 30, GALA DP 40, GALA DP 55, GALA DP 70, GALA DP 90, GALA-DP, ICE TECH 120, ICE TECH 35, ICE TECH 45, ICE TECH 60, ICE TECH 80, ICE TECH PS 122, ICE TECH PS 52, ICE TECH PS 62, ICE TECH PS 82, IQ1100, IQ135, IQ150, IQ200, IQ400, IQ45, IQ50C, IQ550, IQ85, IQ85C, IQ-ICE-QUEEN, MQ200, MR400, NDP20, NG, NG110, NG150, NG30, NG35, NG40, NG45, NG55, NG60, NG70, NG80, NGQ130, NGQ20, NGQ30, NGQ40, NGQ50, NGQ60, NGQ90, PULSAR 145, PULSAR 15, PULSAR 25, PULSAR 35, PULSAR 45, PULSAR 65, PULSAR 85, Q130C, Q20C, Q30C, Q40C, Q40S, Q50C, Q60C, Q90C, SPIKA MS 1000, SPIKA MS 220, SPIKA MS 410, SPIKA MS 440, SPIKA MS 500, SPIKA MS 880, SPIKA111, SPIKA33, SPIKA55, OEM codes: ITV- 200334, 300359, 334, 359 FAGOR- 200334
male faston 6.3mm
Temperature range
-30 up to +85 °C
Pressure connection
soldering connection 6.35mm
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