Oven Gas Thermostat

ANGELO PO gas thermostat PEL type 25ST up to 280°C

The PEL 25ST gas thermostat is mounted on ANGELO PO and SAGI equipment.Equipment models used for: 1G1FABG, 2G1FABG, 2G1FACG, 1G1FA0G, 1G1FA0GV, 1G1FAPG, 1G1TP0G, 2G1FA0G, 2G1FA0GV, 2G1FADG, 2G1FADGV, 2G1FAPG, 2G1TP3G, G1FAGS, G1FAGST  
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HONEYWELL gas valve VK4115V 230V 50Hz

Gas valve 230V 50Hz gas inlet ø 18,6mm gas outlet ø 14mm, edgewise. Suitable for Lainox, Mareno, Convotherm, Silko
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Giorik oven SIT gas valve 830 tandem equiv. no. 0.830.041, 0830041

Gas valve 230V 50Hz gas input ½" gas outlet ½"pressure range 3-50mbar equiv. no. 0.830.041, Suitable for the following brand: Giorik, combi-steamer gas, VG06EC, VG06MX, VG102EC, VG102MX, VG10EC, VG10MX, VG20EC, VG20MX, convection oven gas, CG06MX, CG102MX, CG10MX, CG20MX, DG06EC, DG06ES, DG06MX, DG102EC, DG102MX, DG10EC, DG10ES, DG10MX, GF10GM, GF4PM,...
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